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Are you looking for office desks that can let you do your job without delay and trouble? Have you considered the kind of office desk shape plan that you need for the task you usually do? Most people think that an office desk shape plan is not that important, but you will soon see that a certain desk shape plan can make you work faster and more efficiently.

U-Shaped Desk Plan

The U-shaped desk plan is the most ideal if you have a spacious office.  It can let you create diverse work zones while keeping everything at arms reach.  Most people who do multi-tasking appreciate this kind of setup very much.  They get to keep their office desks for the purpose of doing their paperwork without anything but their laptop and some pens.  They can put their phone, printer, or fax on either side while keeping proper distance where they will be able to reach it immediately when they have to.

L-Shaped Desk Plan

The L-shaped desk plan also offers almost the same things that a u-shaped one gives but L-shaped does not require spacious office.  In fact, this particular desk plan is the most ideal if you have limited office space.  You can have your office desk with nothing on it but the things you need to work on.  The only problem is that you might be stuck with the same placement unless you change your office and move to a bigger one.

Open Desk Plan

Open desk plan or straight desk is the most common desk plan that most people follow.  The office desk is placed against a wall or in the middle of the office. This setup does not offer much surface space and you might end up placing your fax, printer, and the likes on top of your desk.  This will eventually leave you with little space to work on the task you need to finish on time.  This desk plan is suitable if you have a larger office desk.  The good thing about this setup is that it makes the office look neat and tidy (if you have a bigger office desk) and guests or clients usually appreciate that.Further office desk configurations here.

Whichever you prefer, make sure that your choice of desk plan is the right one for your office space and requirements.  Let your office desks do their job in providing you the ease and comfort that you need while working.  Choose only the correct setup and you will see better days ahead.Read MoreOrganizing executive desks should not be boring. With the proper accessories, it will be easy for anyone to have a clean work space.Backpack

Backpack is designed for holding portable devices like phones and hard drives. It has built-in cable management rails on each side to keep the cables in place. It can also be hang at the back of a Mac computer.Wood whaleThe wood whale is designed to hold memo pads and other belongings. There is a hole in the whale’s spout to hold pens and has space in the mount and tail to hold letters. Each wood whale is handcrafted from Michigan.Cable drops

Cable drops sticks to the desk surface and holds on to wires so that a person won’t have to worry where it drops after unplugging a device. It works on a simple concept but it is highly effective.


Plants provide a creative touch in executive desks. Regular vases with flower or potted plants are fine but for those who are looking for something more colourful and unusual, they should consider Plantariums. The planetarium looks like a test tube container and is filled with a nutritive gel that allows plant to glow. There are many choices to choose from including tomato, sunflower and carnation.

TEA teapot is a must have for tea loving executives. Brewing tea can now be easily done right at the desk. Just add loose leaves and hot water and wait for it to brew before pouring in a mug.LED beverage cooler

This is an ingenious device that can cool one can of drink at the desk. It looks like a mini-refrigerator and is powered through a USB connection. It even has a LED light that turn blue when opened.


A basket bin can be attached under the desk and has a smaller cup inside the main bin to hold food waste and other biodegradable waste. This makes it easier to separate the recyclables later on.Staple-less Staplers These little gadgets fuse papers by punching a small hole into the papers and folding the flaps neatly for binding.  Using staple-less staplers means that the office will never run out of stapler supplies again.

People cannot function well in their executive desks without the proper accessories so people have to pay attention when buying them as well.Read More at




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